Catholics believe that Eucharistic adoration is the act of being in a state of worship before the consecrated Eucharistic host. The consecrated host is placed in a monstrance that holds it in place for worshipers to see. The host displayed in this manner is given the utmost respect by those in its presence.

Catholics believe that the consecrated host contains the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ. This is why Catholics engage in the practice of Eucharistic adoration. They want to be in the presence of Jesus Christ.

There are times when a Catholic is wrestling with a tough issue, is in conflict about some aspect of life or must do something he doesn’t want to do. Sitting or kneeling before the monstrance containing the consecrated host is a perfect way he can bring his feelings in line with what God wants him to do.

Think of the Catholic woman who is at odds with her spouse. Catholics believe that marriage is for a lifetime. Divorce is not an option. But what does a woman do when she is angry at her spouse and feels defeated in her marriage? One productive action is to go to a Catholic church that has 24-hour Eucharistic adoration and sit before the Blessed Sacrament. God will impart his will for her life – not verbally – but He will do it nonetheless. As the woman sits before the Blessed Sacrament, she can offer up her emotional suffering. Her marriage and her negative feelings are in the hands of her Creator.

Some Catholics enjoy taking their lunch breaks at adoration. It is a soul-refreshing exercise of faith. Who better to be in the presence of than Jesus Christ in the Eucharist? Jesus’ living water replenishes the tired worker’s spirit and mental health. In fact, sometimes when a Catholic is feeling “mentally under the weather,” he can sit before the Blessed Sacrament, adore it, and regain the ability to cope. This is a product of faith and logic. Faith, because the Catholic believes in the real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and logic because the best person to seek help from is the Great Healer – God himself.

When I became a Catholic six years ago, I had no understanding of Eucharistic adoration. But now, I believe that it is an essential part of experiencing healthy spirituality. Jesus in the Eucharist wants to heal our inner wounds. In Eucharist adoration this often takes place.