This being Christmas Day, I reflected on the birth of Jesus while praying the Rosary this morning – which was really a beautiful thing. Something happens while I am reciting the prayers. I go through the motions. I plug into God. Spiritual current finds its way into my soul and lifts me from the ordinariness of everyday existence into the ethereal. I think they call that “God-Consciousness.” This is part of what Jesus meant when he told us that in the world we would have tribulation, but that he has overcome the world. God imparts to us a little bit of Heaven on earth when we pray.

But there is always a reason not to pray. I’m too busy or too tired or too angry or too happy or too encumbered or too distracted. This is where my brain always takes me, which brings to mind that my head is not my friend. Instead of thinking of reasons why I should not pray the Rosary, I should be thinking of reasons why I should. Or perhaps I should be thinking of taking a spin at a Novena. Except that I am a Catholic convert – still in the process of converting – and am not entirely clear on what exactly a Novena is. (More will be revealed, right?)

But the Good News is that I am on a spiritual journey in my conversion to Catholicism that is unlike any other that I have experienced. It is opening my eyes to dimensions of God that I didn’t know existed.

My limited understanding is that Protestants believe in the Bible exclusively as the Word of God. Catholics believe in the Bible, Tradition, and the Magisterium (The Vatican). The Catholic Church was the first church and is thereby the oldest. And even though Church history is not entirely unblemished, the early church fathers (from what I have read) supported the basic tenets of the Catholic Church.

There are so many religions and denominations of Christianity. In the past I have followed some of them, and this is something I do not regret. They helped me to find the path that I am on today. As I learn more about Catholicism and continue through the conversion and confirmation process, I hope that you will follow along and grow with me in the Faith.