Coming from a Protestant background, it was somewhat difficult for me to wrap my head around the concept of praying to the saints. First I had to come to terms with praying to our Blessed Mother, and now I am (experientially) coming to terms with praying to the saints.

St. Anthony has helped me to find my keys — instantaneously, I might add! St. Jude has helped me with an impossible cause. I have asked the late Father Emil Kapaun to pray for my son who is stationed in Afghanistan. (Father Kapaun was killed in WWII and is being considered for the sainthood process.) I have prayed to St. Rita for my husband and to St. Monica for my children and grandchildren. And, of course, there is the Rosary and so many other aspects of prayer within the Catholic faith.

I have come to the conclusion that my dear Protestant brothers and sisters are really missing out. Praying to the saints is not idolity (as I was taught as a Protestant). It is simply asking the saints to pray for us. I realize now that Mary, the saints, and other Catholic concepts are the fullness of the biggest, oldest, and most historical faith known to mankind.

When I was a Protestant, I always felt that my faith was dry. As a Catholic, I have not felt that way for even a nanosecond.

I wish that everyone could receive the fullness and truth that we receive as Catholics. I’m just going to keep on praying. . .