An Epiphany

The Our Lady of Fatima statue was at our Saturday night mass. Because I am in RCIA, I got to sit at the front of the church and had a good view of Our Lady.  As I waited for mass to begin, I reflected on the Mother of God and what it must have been like for her. From the Annunciation to the Crucifixion, what must she have felt? How much did she understand? And yet she . . . Read More




SSC meeting on Thursday[1]


Most people have heard the news about the offer extended by the Pope to bring conservative Anglicans into communion with the Catholic Church, while still allowing Anglican priests to be married and . . . Read More


frcorapi_rdax_532x344[1]The Mystery of Father Corapi – The Timeline — Part 1

On Ash Wednesday, March 9, 2011, much-loved priest, Father John Corapi, announced that he had been accused of sexual . . . Read More




The Scientology Connection

The Church of Scientology practices a belief system known by the same name. It was initially founded in 1953 by science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. It’s world headquarters are located in Southern California.
Scientology, in its purest form, states that it is a way of finding spiritual happiness while alive on Planet Earth. It offers its members the path to . . . Read More





We Need to Pray

The priest who performed our mass last night had just returned from visiting his family in Southern Nigeria. While he was there, he performed a . . . Read More