Enough Merry Making!!!

So it’s the day after Christmas, and everyone is a bit grumpy. Some people have had to return to work, while others have a couple of vacation days. When you look at the Christmas tree, sad and drooping, absent the gifts, it makes you want to take down all of the decorations, start your New Year’s diet, and get on with life.

Beating the Post-Christmas Blues

Oftentimes after Christmas is over, people suffer from a type of malaise or low-grade depression. This is quite normal. After running in the fast lane with holiday preparations and activities, people need to slow down and catch up. Their brains have been pumping out pleasure hormones for weeks, and physically, they are depleted. This is one big reason for the post-holiday blues.

During the holidays, you probably had to address long-standing family issues that were literally “in your face.” The effect of dealing with difficult relatives, absent (deceased) family members and even (recently deceased) pets is very stressful. These and other taxing relationship situations are always magnified during the holidays. Afterwards, everyone’s Christmas cheer begins to quickly dissipate.

Now, instead of pretty Christmas lights, streets are lined with dead Christmas trees. Now you can get Christmas decorations at a fraction of the cost that they were just a couple of weeks before. The reason that retailers offer such deep discounts is because now nobody — and I mean no-body wants to buy anything even remotely related to Christmas.

A few people actually take their trees to businesses that recycle Christmas trees, and a few more even chop up their Christmas trees and mix them into mulch.

But most people, however, toss their Yuletide trees into the dumpster, walk back into the house and don’t look back.

Remember Why We Celebrate

The week before New Years’ is a time to take down the decorations, look forward, rest and rejuvenate. It will happen all over again next year.

Try to remember the good things that happened over the Christmas holiday, and throw your bad thoughts and memories into the dumpster with the Christmas tree.

Lastly, reflect a little while on the reason for the season, which will help you put everything into perspective:

“The Virgin Mary had a baby boy –

And they said that his name was *Jesus.”

* Immanuel, God with us, Prince of Peace, Advocate, Beloved Son, Bread of Life, Consolation of Israel, Counselor, Creator, Deliverer, Desire of the Nations, First and Last, Good Shepherd, Great High Priest, Head of the Church, Holy One of God, King of Kings, Lamb of God, Light of the World, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Lord of All, Mediator, Messenger of the Covenant, Messiah, Redeemer, Resurrection and Life, Rock, Root of David, Rose of Sharon, Savior. . . . . .