Apparitions of Mary

Each month, on the 25th of July and the 2nd of August, Mary appears to two visionaries in the tiny village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Our Lady has been doing this since 1981, when she first appeared to six children.  Four hundred-fifty years before the Medjugorje apparitions began, a humble Mexican named Juan Diego experienced a series of Marian apparitions. The year was 1531, a time when the Aztecs were sacrificing humans . . . Read More





Marian Apparitions

Why Mary?

Catholics differ from Protestants in many ways. One of the most prominent differences is the veneration (honoring) of the Virgin Mary. Some of the most significant manifestations of Mary, aside from being the Mother of God, were her appearances, or . . . Read More




Marian Apparitions Knock Ireland

Knock is a small, isolated village in western Ireland that received a Marian apparition in 1879…. It was raining heavily when three . . . Read More




Mary Worship

Is Mary being worshiped as a God or equal to Jesus? Is this Catholic or Protestant teaching?  When people ask you the question, “Why do Catholics worship Mary as God?” there is a fallacy built into the question and this fallacy should be dealt with first, before any other issue. The worship of Mary as God is not Catholic teaching, but Protestant teaching about the Catholic Church. In other words they misrepresent the teachings . . . Read More





Our Lady in the Middle East

In response to the influence of ISIS in the Middle East, a Catholic friend posted an article in Marian influence in the Middle East and elsewhere and on the importance of praying the Rosary for the conversion of Muslims. . . . Read More




Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today at one of our local Catholic Churches, a replica of Our Lady of Guadalupe was on display for veneration. The original image is housed in the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, Mexico.  Although the miracles associated with Our Lady’s image are many, of great significance is the conversion of nine million . . . Read More




Our Lady of Perpetual Help

As a convert to Catholicism, I began my education on the Church’s Marian doctrines and miracles. On Tuesday of this week, I attended a special Mass and devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. At the devotion was a beautiful icon of Mary and Jesus. In studying it, I could see how Our Lady in this picture was filled with . . . Read More




The Presentation of Mary

The presentation of Mary, mother of Jesus, was celebrated by the church in the 6th century. A church was constructed to honor this feast day. The Eastern Church was the first to recognize it, and the universal Church began celebrating this feast day in the 11th century.. . . Read More





Visionaries at Medjugorje

In June, 1981, in the Medjugorje section of a village in Western Herzegovina, two young girls, Ivankka Ivankovic (age 15) and Mirjana Dragicevic (age 16), were on their way home from an afternoon walk, when the Virgin Mary appeared to them.  Our Lady was dressed in white, was radiant and beautiful.  She was at the top of . . . Read More