Sometimes I don’t have the things I need because I forget to pray.

Recently, my writing had been in kind of a slump. So I looked up the Patron Saint of writers, St. Frances de Sales, and asked him to pray for me. Shortly thereafter, I received acceptances from two publishers. And then one of my pieces was picked to be in an anthology on celebrations (coming out on Amazon soon). I received two more acceptances, and then a few days ago, one of my articles was accepted by a literary magazine. Wow! None of this was an accident.

In the book of James, it tells us that we have not, because we ask not. Oh, how that Bible verse speaks to me!

Even though, of course, we can pray directly to God (and I always do that first), we, Catholics, have also been given the privilege of praying to the “communion of saints.” Who better to pray for me than a saint who can personally relate to my specific need? We ask friends and family to pray for us. We ask our priest to pray for us. Why not ask a saint to pray for us? In doing so, we are including our fellow Christians in Heaven.

God has given us unlimited resources in the Church. Lord, help me remember to use them. A-men.