Saint Margaret of Scotland was not a Scotland native. She was born in or around 1050 in Hungary to the royal family and was the daughter of a princess. During the time of William the Conqueror, Margaret’s family fled and was shipwrecked off the shores of Scotland. The king of Scotland, Malcolm, befriended the family and fell in love with Margaret. They were married in the year 1070 A.D. in the castle of Dunfermline.

During her time with the king, Margaret helped to refine his rough ways and be a fair, honest ruler. Much of Margaret’s time was spent feeding the poor and the orphans. Margaret bore eight children to King Malcolm and spent her days teaching them and helping them to be true to the church.

Margaret also presided over church synods and helped to stop incestuous practices and other evil ways of living that were present at the time in her adopted country of Scotland.

Margaret died in 1093, four days after King Malcolm and their oldest son were killed in an attack on the castle by another king.

Saint Margaret of Scotland is known as a strong, charitable, cultured woman whose witness to Christ hugely impacted her country and all of those around her. Today, November 16, 2013, is her feast day.