Saint Gabriel was baptized Francis. Francis lost his mother when he was a small child. During the time that he was cured twice of serious illnesses, he came to believe that he was called to be a priest. Francis received his education from the Jesuit Order. He applied to that order, but he was turned down – likely because he was only 17 years old. Not deterred, Francis strengthened his religious life and applied to the Passionist Order. They gave him the name Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows.

One of Gabriel’s best attributes was being faithful in the little things. He loved the poor, was prayerful and was very considerate of the feelings of others. He followed the Passionists to the letter and engaged in bodily penances. The combination of Gabriel’s many virtues made a lasting and deep impression on his superiors and fellow brothers.

Sadly though, Gabriel’s life was cut short by tuberculosis just four years after he entered the Passionist Order when he died on February 27, 1862 at 24 years of age.

Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows was canonized in 1920.