In meditating on today’s reading (Acts 16:1-10), I was impacted by Paul’s willingness to go wherever the Lord sent him. As he traveled from city to city preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, Paul was continually listening in his spirit for where God would send him next. Sometimes when, perhaps, it was not clear where he should go, Paul would head out to a city and the Holy Spirit would stop him. God would then speak to him in a dream or a vision and tell Paul where he should go. As always, Paul obeyed.

We use our hands and feet to accomplish God’s purposes. Perhaps we babysit our grandchildren or we tutor a failing student at school. Not for reward, but because the Spirit of the Lord has placed these people in our path.

Sometimes when we are altruistic, it doesn’t work out. We don’t get thanked or our good deed is not appreciated. Maybe our offer of assistance is not even taken. It’s all right, though. When we show kindness to others, we are fleshing out our faith. And though we may never see the fruits of our labor, they are there.

“Lord, help me to put hands and feet on my faith and carry your love and kindness to those people you put before me. A-men.”

(The photograph is of my husband and father-in-law, helping two young Italian tourists change a flat tire in their rental car.)