Sometimes the unseen resolutions take a little more effort.


Today is a day of new beginnings and decisions to do better. Most people, though, in taking stock of their lives feel overwhelmed with where to begin. There is just too much. So they devote their energies to things like losing extra holiday pounds, exercising, replacing jobs that have lost their luster and cleaning out cluttered closets that have been aching for organization all year long.

But what about the unseen things – the intentions of the heart, the intractable self-will? These take more reflection, more honesty and exceedingly more effort to bring to the light of day and develop a strategy for change and improvement.

Many well-intentioned souls live day in and day out battling a never-ending stream of negative, self-deprecating thoughts that cycle over and over throughout the day. Simply by their ongoing repetition, these harmful workings of the mind seep deep into the psyche,  re-emerging minute by minute, chipping away at a person’s self-worth.  When taken to their natural conclusion, they can sabotage relationships, cause mental illness, create health problems and limit a person’s overall potential.

Today, on Day One, begin to change this pattern. Go ahead and jump into your new weight-loss program, run to your heart’s delight, aim for that new job and clean out your closets. But add one more activity to your New Year’s Resolutions:

Purpose in your heart to replace every harmful, hurtful thought with a positive one. Say something positive before you spout off a negative. You will be taking those first important steps in elevating your perspective on life and vastly improving your daily existence. And you won’t have to lift a finger.

You will be pleased with yourself and pleasing to God.

“Let the words of my mouth

And the meditations of my heart,

 Be acceptable in Your sight –

Oh Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.”



[Psalm 19:14]