I have been attending a “Life in the Spirit” Seminar. I love it because it is all about learning to incorporate Christ into every aspect of our lives. (Who doesn’t need that?)

My problem is that I am essentially lazy and misprioritized. (Is that a word?) Anyway, I need to begin building some better, more consistent spiritual habits into my everyday life.

Lately, if or when I feel depressed or crummy, I stop and try to identify why I am having those feelings. Nine times out of ten, it is because I haven’t connected with God — AT ALL — and it is no small wonder that I’m feeling blue.

Francis, my group leader at Life in the Spirit, e-mailed us a great article about a list of 7 things that we can do each day to cultivate an awareness of God in every aspect of our lives. So far, I haven’t attempted anything, except to say the Rosary while I am drying my hair in the morning. The problem is that I get distracted and forget that I was reciting my Rosary, and then at 7:00 p.m., realize that I never finished it and can’t even remember which decade I was on. How am I supposed to grow spiritually, if I can’t even finish a Rosary?

I do listen to CD’s on Catholic subjects like Our Lady of Fatima, the pillars of our Catholic faith – things like that. . . CDs help.

Here is the link for the list that our leader gave us, “The Seven Daily Habits of Holy Apostolic People” by Father John McCloskey:

Even if I did ONE of the exercises on the list, it would be a step in the direction of progress.

I’m giving up e-bay for Lent. Don’t laugh – it’s true. I can spend all day trolling the jewelry section, coveting all the diamond rings that I can’t afford. A ridiculous waste of time.

I’m negative today because the son of my mom’s neighbor passed away a few days ago. I was pondering it and realized that his life had been a gift. He’d had two heart transplants and was in his fifties when he passed away. He had been living a good, full life. Nevertheless, it is always sad when someone passes on. I pray for his eternal soul. He has a 13-year-old son and there is no mother in the picture. Please pray for him.

 Enough babbling for one day! I’ll put on my “Little Merry Sunshine” hat tomorrow and practice a little gratitude for my life and all of its MANY blessings. . .

Regards,Jenna (or Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh)